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18 August 2009 @ 01:04 pm
xiperita Welcome Post  
Hi, my name is Natalia, Nat for short or xiperita, Xip. I used to have an icon community, freakneverdie, well, I still have it but I've decided that a new start is going to be good so I've joined forces with heliotitans and we created this joint community. Sorry if my english is not very good, it's my second language, the first is spanish.

From this very moment I'll post my icons, wallpapers or whatever I make here, this comm is Friends Only so you will need to join to see everything but my entries will be public for 7 days then they will be locked. I need to be honest, I am not very friend of Members Only communities but I want to have a closer relationship with the people that watch/take my things, this makes me feel more comfortable and you always can join/watch-take/leave the comm so many times as you wish :-)

Examples of my job:

ABOUT MY ICONS: I prefer simple, texless and textureless icons, I think they are more nice than the icons full of letters and textures that in almost all the cases don't fit with the icons, so I try to use them as less as possible. I don't like pink icons too much, there are enough of them and I am never going to make icons about fandoms like Twilight because this fandom is really annoying.


(Last two rows are the newest).

My icon archive or You can browse my former icon community TAGS for more icons.

My resources list (It's too long):

Textures, Tutorials ...


elanordh, dearest, tove_91, ewanism, wash_when_dirty, 77words (The Icon Table Generator ), sql_girl (Icon Table Generator ), malionette @ fruitstyle (Icon Table Generator ), spooky_window, dirtyfootprints, heartthepretty, infinitiva, david_lucena, erniemay, _iconographer, blimey_icons, yunhe, uncreativ, urbanstrokes, elrawien, chamberten, brucksi, hgx, 100x100_brushes, icon_coloring, icon_extras, xicontexturesx, texturize, loveicon, ownthesunshine, street_of_mercy, pixelfun, discolore, midsummer_wind, resourcelove, freshmakers, magicaltrio, yukansnow, ddg_textures, dustypaper, dulcesuenos, grrliz_icons, distractiions, coloring_help, skyglass, misarte, le_mot_art, awmpdotnet, coffeeforcloser, soaked, aube_des_arts, misarte, thefixedfoot, policromo, cooloring, tearjerkericons, icon_tutorial, good_tutorial, elite_tutorial, tutorialia (In Spanish), bttrfly_kiss, unpresented ...




* Most of the comms listed above also have tutorials.

Screencaps & Images

(I don't make icons or graphics for money, I make them only for fun, so I don't have any intention to violate any copyright. The images I use for my icons are copyrighted to their respective owners.)

But I usually make my own screencaps.

= External Links.

Programs & Other Stuff

  • Adobe Photoshop 7.0 + Image Ready.

  • Adobe Photoshop CS3.

  • Adobe Photoshop CS5.

  • Pen Tablet: Wacom Bamboo One.

@ ColorLovers
@ Deviantart

- Credit to xiperita @ xhicons
- Or Xiperita @ livejournal if you are using them outside of LJ.
- Dreamwidth credit: lifeasicon.
- More at the profile.