ASOIAF: Tyrion lema Lannister

Those lazy, hazy, crazy days of Summer

So, It's summer and our life is far from our pc's and even our home, we are going to take a little rest in this iconmaking thing and we hope to came back with renovated forces, the weather is good enough, the Spain NT won the World Cup :-D, Gerard Butler is so hot, although vacations have to wait to September for us, we are going to visit a friend to Barcelona, YAY! ... See you soon and happy summer :-D (for the south hemisphere people ... happy winter).

You are welcome to JOIN the comm :-)
ASOIAF: Tyrion lema Lannister

xiperita Welcome Post

Hi, my name is Natalia, Nat for short or xiperita, Xip. I used to have an icon community, freakneverdie, well, I still have it but I've decided that a new start is going to be good so I've joined forces with heliotitans and we created this joint community. Sorry if my english is not very good, it's my second language, the first is spanish.

From this very moment I'll post my icons, wallpapers or whatever I make here, this comm is Friends Only so you will need to join to see everything but my entries will be public for 7 days then they will be locked. I need to be honest, I am not very friend of Members Only communities but I want to have a closer relationship with the people that watch/take my things, this makes me feel more comfortable and you always can join/watch-take/leave the comm so many times as you wish :-)

Examples of my job:

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My resources list (It's too long):

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- Credit to xiperita @ xhicons
- Or Xiperita @ livejournal if you are using them outside of LJ.
- Dreamwidth credit: lifeasicon.
- More at the profile.
Red Riding Hood

heliotitans welcome post

Hi! This is heliotitans and i'm one of the posters of this icon community. For some time now, i've been posting my icons at my personal graphics community, but we've decided to change some things and create this new community.

So for now on, i'll post my graphics things at xhicons and this community is Friends Only, so, JOIN NOW!!

You can see here an example of my job:
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My resources list:
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